ASTM: A307, F1554, A449, A354, A193, A320, F593, A572, A36



The company manufactures superior quality Threaded Rods that are used in a number of industrial as well as mechanical applications. Our Industrial Threaded Rods are specially designed to suit the specific requirements of the industry. We make them available in both standard as well as customized ranges. These treaded rods are fabricated from the best quality base materials such as stainless steel so that they become doubly endurable and long lasing in nature. They have high tensile strengths that resist them from any abrasion for a longer period of time. Besides, we stand amidst the reliable Industrial Threaded Rods in Exporters.

Sizes : 6 mm to 30 mm
ASTM Size :
1/4" to 2"
Lengths: 1' to 12'
Tube Quantities: 1 to 50 depending on diameter

Why Threaded Rods :-

Thread Rod is widely accepted as the fastest and preferred method of economically producing uniform smooth, precise threads of superior physical qualities.

This process is also capable of performing non-threading operations such as burnishing, knurling and rolling of helical and annular grooves of various forms.

Thread Rod utilizes hardened steel rolls to produce external threads. The working surfaces of the rolls have a thread form, which is the reverse of the thread to be produced. In penetrating the surface of the blank, the rolls displace material to form the thread roots, and force the displaced material radically outward to form the thread crests.


  • Low Carbon steel

  • T304/T316 Stainless

  • ASTM A 193 B7


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